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Spirituality Day July 2022

On Tuesday 19th July 2022 we enjoyed a special RE day together across the school. The intention was for pupils and staff to explore spirituality further and begin to understand what it means to each of us. As part of this day, children rotated around seven areas in their year groups to complete different activities.

Mrs Reynolds led a Godly Play session on the ‘Creation Story’. This had the children mesmerised as they sat and enjoyed this unique experience along with Miss Wood who supported.

Miss Casbolt led an activity in her classroom using clay and natural resources. There was a beautiful aroma of flowers and ferns as you entered the room along with some calming music to listen to. Manipulating the cold clay in their hands was a welcome relief from the heat.

Miss Ward created some special moments when completing bubble painting in her classroom. The gasps of amazement as the bubbles grew and flowed over the cups was so special to see. This was followed by the magical mixing of the paint colours as the bubbles burst on the paper.

In the foyer, the children took part in activities linked to our school Labyrinth with Mrs Hutton and Mrs Walton. Unfortunately, due to the heat, this was largely indoors but the children loved exploring the wooden finger labyrinths as well as building their own labyrinths from Lego. Some pupils found it very therapeutic to draw and design their own labyrinths, whilst others enjoyed using the felt ones. Many children commented how calming they found these activities.

In Mr Woodcraft’s classroom, he amazed the children with images from space using the James Webb telescope pictures found on the internet. Later in the day, pupils commented on how they found it incredible to learn about the size comparison of Earth within the Universe. The children went on to express this awe and wonder by creating their own pastel planets, merging and blending colours to create some inspiring art.

Mr Adams enjoyed inspiring the children with shapes in Art using the work of famous artist Kandinsky to spark their interest. The children used a range of 2D shapes to draw around or arrange on paper. They experimented with overlapping shapes to create their own shape masterpieces.

Finally, the hall was set up as a prayer space using resources very kindly loaned to us from the Diocese of Norwich’s Resource Centre. Anna Main had carefully and thoughtfully planned a range of activities to consider the needs and interests of all our pupils. Many of the activities linked directly to our school ethos and values. Examples of activities included writing positive affirmation messages on mirrors to reflect back; creating creatures, using pipe cleaners, to add to the creation display; the colour bubble tubes were particularly calming and the children enjoyed this tranquillity to write their own prayers and wishes for the future. Other activities included thinking about people who help us and writing special messages of hope for our world. These activities were supported by Miss Coldman, Rev Chris Hutton and Rev James Shelton.

We gathered lots of views from the children and adults on what their special stand out moments were in the day. We wanted the children to be able to pause and reflect in their busy routines to identify how we may develop their spirituality. We tried to provide a wide range of experiences to suit every child from a Christian perspective

 to artistic, scientific and natural activities. Many children commented how relaxing they found the activities and this proved to be the perfect way to combat the heat wave as the children all remained very calm throughout the day.

Moving forward, the school will be using these ideas and views collected by pupils and staff to create our own school definition of spirituality. As a Church school we want to find ways to continue to develop spirituality for all members of our school community. Thank you very much to all the staff and extra visitors from the Ministry Team for their work in planning this special day. Special thanks to Anna Main from the Diocese of Norwich for organising the activities and loaning the resources for use in the prayer space.