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RE Day - The Trinity May 2022

During W/C 23rd May 2022 the whole school held an RE Day looking at The Trinity with each class taking part in different activities.

Class 1 learnt about the word Trinity, using an egg to demonstrate what The Trinity is.  They looked at themselves as one person who can have different roles e.g. mother, daughter, wife.

Class 2 looked at the different symbols representing The Trinity and their meaning.

Class 3 looked at 3 Bible stories to explore each aspect of The Trinity and made a list of words that represented each aspect.  They created artwork before making Trinity plaits with each colour ribbon chosen to best represent each of the 3 elements of The Trinity.

Class 4 explored the true meaning of The Trinity.  They studied different painters and explored their representations of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  They created their own artwork, thinking carefully about their own representations of God.