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Marking Policy during COVID

Due to COVID-19 guidance and restrictions we have adjusted how we will mark children’s work. We understand how important it is to give useful feedback to pupils about their work. We will be using the following procedures to minimise the risk of infection and cross contamination.

 Where possible, pupils will mark their own work under the guidance of the teacher. This will not always be possible for younger pupils or all types of work.

- Verbal feedback will be given to pupils as frequently as possible. This will replace most written comments in the child’s book. This feedback will be given during the lesson and is a useful way for pupils to be able to respond and know how to improve their work. We will be using a ‘Verbal Feedback’ stamp to indicate in your child’s book when this has taken place.

 A stamp will also be used to indicate that your child’s work has been looked at by an adult. The stamp will say that an adult has checked their work but there may be no need for verbal feedback if they have completed it with no difficulties.

- If a brief comment is needed, staff will write it on a sticker or post-it note to be stuck in your child’s book. This again minimises the need to write directly in individual books.

 In some cases, it is necessary to do a more detailed mark of work. For example, a special piece of writing. If this is the case, staff will take extra measures to ensure there is increased hand washing and sanitising when marking the work.

We will continue to look at work and observe where pupils have had difficulties so that this can be incorporated into the planning for the next lesson, where appropriate.