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Harvest - 27th September 2021

Our RE Day for this half term took place this Monday with the theme of Harvest.  All classes learnt about different aspects of Harvest and took part in a number of different activities.

Class 1 learnt about the Creation and are learning a Harvest poem.

Class 2 thought about what Christians do at Harvest and explored why food is brought to Church and what is done with it afterwards.  They made baskets of fruit and vegetables.

Class 3 discussed what was the meaning of “Stewards of the World” and whether Christians were Stewards of the World.  They made pictures of hands holding the world with animals or plants that they wished to save. 

Class 4 looked at the origins and meaning of Thanksgiving in the USA and Canada and how the Native Americans welcomed the Pilgrims.  The pupils created powerpoints explaining Harvest, Thanksgiving and how Harvest can help the poor.  They also created Harvest poems and prayers.