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At Earsham CE VA Primary School, the safety of our whole school community is of paramount importance to us.   

However we are pleased to advise that from September 2021 we have been able to relax many of the restrictions that were in place before the summer holiday:

· Collective Worship has returned to being together in the hall.

· Pupils are now eating school lunches in the dining hall rather than in their classrooms.

· The school is not required to follow Track and Trace procedures as this is now being done by the NHS.

· Cloakroom areas have reverted back to their original places.

· Pupils can bring book bags and rucksacks to school.

· PE Kits can now be kept in school for pupils to change into for their PE lessons.

· We are returning to usual start and finish times.  The gates open at 8.50am and will be locked at 9.00am when the bell goes.  The school day ends for all pupils at 3.15pm.

Some measures are still in place such as extra cleaning and hand washing systems that are already established and we will continue to ventilate the building as much as possible.

If there is a COVID outbreak in school, we may have to re-introduce some of the above measures as a precaution to keep everyone safe and would follow advice from Public Health Norfolk.

From September 2021 the government guidelines state that only those pupils who test positive for COVID-19, or have symptoms, will be required to stay off school.  In addition the government recommends that all other household members book a PCR test ( as opposed to an LFT) but there is need for them to isolate whilst waiting for the result if they do not have symptoms.  Siblings will be able to attend school if they have no symptoms.  If household members/siblings test positive on the PCR test, they will then be required to isolate.

In the event of a COVID positive test in school we would ask all parents of those pupils in the class affected, to take their child for a PCR test.  We understand that some parents may be concerned about sending in their child before they received the result of their PCR test or whilst there may be a case of COVID in their child’s class.  The government is clear that they expect all pupils to attend school unless they test positive or have COVID symptoms (or are too ill from another illness to attend school).  Therefore if  a parent makes the decision not to send their child to school until their PCR test result is known or until the COVID case is finished, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.  Whilst we have to follow the government guidelines, we understand that every family has their unique circumstances.  Therefore, please do keep us updated so we can work with you in these difficult times.




Universal Hygiene

Hygiene is still very important and so our hygiene protocols are still in place as follows: 

Washing hands (thoroughly with soap and water) following the NHS guidance

Using alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel if soap and water isn't immediately available. 

Everyone should wash their hands on arrival at school, before eating, after coughing or sneezing, after visiting the toilet, as well as at other regular intervals throughout the day.

Catch it, Kill it, Bin it - covering their mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve when sneezing and putting used tissues in the bin straight away.  Always washing their hands afterwards.

Avoid touching the eyes, nose or mouth if they haven't washed their hands.

Wash their hands when they arrive home at the end of the day.