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Earsham CE VA Primary School Governance Statement

School Year 2015 – 2016

In accordance with the Government’s requirement for all governing bodies, the 3 core strategic functions of Earsham CE VA  Primary School Governing Body are to:

1. Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
2. Hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;
3. Oversee the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.
Governance arrangements The Governing Body of Earsham CE VA Primary School is made up of 2 elected Parent Governors, 1 Local Authority Governor, 7 Foundation Governors, 1 elected staff governor and the Headteacher. A total of 12 governors. Their pictures and brief details are on the display board in the school foyer.


The full Governing Body meets twice each term, and there are three committees who meet at least once each term to consider different aspects of the school in detail.

  • Strategic Planning Committee has a strategic and co-coordinating role which adds to the effectiveness of the work of the Governing Body as a whole. They also consider matters of Pay and Performance.
  • Curriculum and Standards Committee focuses on teaching, learning and the educational performance of pupils
  • Finance and Premises Committee focuses on finance matters, premises and Health and Safety

When necessary we form committees to consider pupil discipline and staffing matters.

See page 6 for a full list of Governors in the school year 2015 – 16.

Attendance record of governors Governors have good attendance at meetings and we have never cancelled a meeting because there were not enough governors needed to ensure that legal decisions can be made.

See page 6 for details of individual governors’ attendance at meetings.

The work done in our committees and in the governing body At the beginning of the school year the full governing body set targets for school improvement.   They were to ensure that:

  • The new curriculum is engaging and motivating for learners and is age appropriate.
  • The Nurture facility enables vulnerable families to feel supported ensuring good attendance and better outcomes for children.
  • Staff with teaching and learning responsibilities are supported to effectively carry out their duties.
  • The proportion of pupils making more than expected progress from their starting points meets or exceeds national figures in phonics, writing and maths.
  • Pupils develop a wider understanding of cultural diversity within the United Kingdom at an age related level.

The full Governing Body received a detailed report from the Headteacher every term plus a report from the Education Challenge Partner. Governors collected the views of parents and carers via a questionnaire held in the Autumn Term. Governors also visited the school to collect information and to talk to pupils and considered the progress they make. The Governors are pleased to confirm that all the targets have been met.


The School received an Ofsted Inspection in January 2016 and the Governors would like to compliment staff for retaining the ‘Good’ grade from the last inspection. Governors would also like to thank Parents and Carers for their support during the inspection and throughout the year.
A Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) is due in the Autumn of 2016 so the Governing Body have also considered our progress in this area and prepared a self-evaluation statement ready for the inspection.


During the year the Governing Body has reviewed the school’s vision and aims and added the ethos statement, ‘Shine from the inside out,’ after a vote by parents and pupils. This will form the basis for identifying school improvement priorities for the next few years.


All schools have a duty to consider their strategic future so that the school can be as effective as possible. The Governing Body has welcomed the school’s ability to work effectively with other schools in the Cluster and in the Bungay Pyramid. They have met for joint training and moderation and the school is much stronger as a result. Consideration of the strategic future of the school will be an ongoing process.


The Strategic Planning Committee has considered and monitored the effectiveness of Leadership and Management. In particular they have considered whether Staff with teaching and learning responsibilities (TLRs) were supported to effectively carry out their duties.   They identified that teachers with TLRs received appropriate training and support enabling them to confidently fulfil their role and that as a result teaching across the school was good or outstanding for all groups of learners

They also:

  • Reviewed staff performance management targets to ensure consistency and link with the School Improvement and Development Plan.
  • Reviewed staff job descriptions.
  • Review staff professional development and performance.
  • Reviewed staff salaries.
  • Reviewed staff absence rates.
  • Checked staff discipline and grievance procedures.
  • Considered ‘well-being’ and work/ home life balance.
  • Reviewed and approved the Pay and Performance Management Policy


The Curriculum and Standards Committee has considered and monitored the Quality of Teaching and Learning. In particular whether the New curriculum engaging and motivating for learners and age appropriate. They identified that appropriate planning is in place; that children are engaged and motivated to learn; and, that progression is seen across the school at age appropriate levels.

They have also considered and monitored the Outcomes for all Pupils, in particular whether there was accelerated progress for some identified Year 5 pupils particularly in their mathematical development focussing on number. They found that results showed that more progress than expected had been made.

They also:

  • Monitored and approved the Assessment and Recording Policy
  • Received reports from Subject Leaders
  • Received and considered the Headteacher’s report on performance throughout the school
  • Recommend Targets for End of Key Stage 2 National Tests
  • Monitored reporting arrangements to parents.
  • Ensured that SEND provision is effective.
  • Reviewed the impact of the budget on the curriculum


The Finance and Premises Committee has provided guidance and assistance to the headteacher and governing body in all matters relating to budgeting and finance, with reference to ‘Keeping Your Balance – standards for financial administration in schools’ (Ofsted/Audit Commission). They have also:

  • Reviewed financial policy statements, including consideration of long-term planning and resourcing.
  • Monitored income and expenditure of all funds and reported the financial situation to the full governing body each term.
  • Ensured that the school operates within the Financial Regulations of the County Council and meets the requirements of the Financial Management Standard in Schools (FMSiS)
  • Monitored the impact of spending decisions upon educational achievement in the school.
  • Monitored the effectiveness of the school’s Health and safety arrangements
  • Carried out an annual risk assessment of the school premises
  • Made termly inspections of the building and grounds.
  • Considered the competencies of governors on the committee and attended training as appropriate.

Early in the summer term, the Finance and Premises Committee approved the 2016/17 budget plan for the school and are pleased to report that the school is in a healthy financial position.


Our Safeguarding Governor gives an annual report to the governors. In particular this year they have considered the work of the Nurture Group and identified that Teachers make referrals to Nurture as soon as problem is evident; the parent support advisor is available through the Cluster; support from outside agencies is sought and offered to vulnerable families, and; attendance of vulnerable children is in line with national results

They have also considered and monitored whether:

  • Incidents of negative behaviour are low and exclusions are zero
  • Data clearly shows behaviour and safety is monitored and support quickly put into place and any negative behaviour is reduced.
  • Questionnaires show high levels of satisfaction with behaviour and safety.
  • Any incidents of bullying are recorded and children feel well supported
  • Evidence that vulnerable families continue to stay engaged with the school and the children attend regularly and achieve.

The Headteacher reports on Safeguarding matters in her termly reports.


Governor Training The whole governing body has received training on Church School Distinctiveness and individual governors have attended training on:

·         Budget Review

·         Chair of Governors – the role and responsibilities

·         E-Safety and your school

·         Governance Now

·         Making sense of British Values

·         Using School Data for Improvement

Our governing body clerk has attended training on:

·         Ofsted Briefing

·         Clerking Governing Body Panels – Complaints and Pupil Exclusions

·         Selecting, interviewing and appointing staff in schools


Minutes of Governing Body and Committee meetings are public documents. Please ask at the school office if you would like to see any of the minutes of our meetings.

Future plans for the governors In the coming year the governing body look forward to seeing the school develop even further. The Ofsted Inspection in January 2016 identified that this is a good school. We have the ambition and determination to be even better. To develop our vision for the pupils in our school we have considered our Ethos Statement, ‘Shine from the inside out’ and asked how our School Improvement and Development Plan could be about giving pupils the knowledge, experiences, skills, environment, ambition and resilience to enable them to self-improve and ‘shine’.


Building on our strengths we have identified three key areas for improvement:

Shine from the inside out by:

  • Respecting others and the world We would like our pupils to know that they, along with all people, have unique talents and abilities which make them special. Their respect for themselves, others and the world will mean that they shine by being helpful, kind and responsible citizens.
  • Developing new skills and abilities We would like our pupils to have the essential building blocks for learning so that they enjoy learning and challenge. They will shine by developing new skills, knowledge and attributes.
  • Becoming resilient and enquiring learners We would like our pupils to become independent learners who know that mistakes can help us to learn.         They will shine by knowing that they have hope, forgiveness and the opportunity for new beginnings.


How you can contact the governing body We always welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents – please contact the Chair of Governors, via the school office. You can see the full list of governors with their pictures on the governing body notice board in the main foyer

List of Serving Governors September 2015 – July 2016

Term of Office Ends
Sue Armstrong Headteacher
Sue Cramp Bishop’s Appointed 20-12-17
Christine Douglas Foundation DBE/PCC 07-11-16
Gill Harvey Foundation DBE/PCC ended during the year
Vacancy Foundation DBE/PCC
Helen Ford Foundation PCC ended during the year
Janine Lascelles               Foundation PCC 11-11-17
Caroline Hutton Foundation PCC 03-05-18
Vacancy LEA Governor
David Reynolds Parent Governor 06-10-18
Laura Hines Parent Governor ended during the year
Victoria Braddock Teacher Governor
Ed Middleton Foundation PCC 08-02-2020
Craig Jones Foundation DBE-PCC 14-05-2020
Paula Rose Parent Governor 20-05-2020


Governor Full Governing Body Strategic Planning Committee Curriculum and Standards Committee Finance and Premises Committee
Sue Armstrong 83% 100% 100% 100%
Victoria Braddock 67% n/a 100% n/a
Sue Cramp 100% 100% n/a 75%
Christine Douglas 100% 100% 100% n/a
Helen Ford 100% n/a 100% n/a
Gill Harvey 83% 50% n/a 100%
Laura Hines 50% n/a 50% n/a
Caroline Hutton 100% 80% 100% n/a
Craig Jones 0% n/a n/a 100%
Janine Lascelles 83% 100% 100% n/a
Ed Middleton 100% n/a n/a 100%
David Reynolds 83% 100% n/a 100%
Paula Rose 100% n/a 100% n/a


Attendance is shown as a percentage of the total number of meetings the governor could have attended.